Valais Springs New Zealand

"In 2018 I became aware of Valais Blacknose sheep, the undoubtedly cutest sheep in the world. In 2019 I started working on how I could own some of these very cute sheep, however it soon became very obvious that they were not only extremely rare but also hard to acquire. The existing New Zealand breeders already had their hands full with trying to meet the demand of the large North American market."

The Journey

Being a small block owner myself, my original desire was to have a couple of these cute fluffy sheep grazing outside my window.  I realised early on when trying to acquire some Valais Blacknose sheep that it was more difficult than I anticipated, and other people could have the same struggles, if not greater when trying to purchase some sheep of their own.  Hence the idea was hatched to set up a company with the intention to supply Valais Blacknose sheep to other like-minded small block owners in New Zealand.  So in 2020, Valais Springs New Zealand was established.

In late 2020, following extensive research and numerous enquiries, I was lucky enough to have secured my first lot of pure-bred ewes, rams and six three quarter pure ewes (F2).

Our breeding programme is now well underway with flushing and embryo transplants occuring and the pure bred rams were put out with our English Leceister and Lincoln ewes.  It is now Spring time, I finally have some cute fluffy lambs bouncing around the paddocks.




The Journey
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