Valais Springs New Zealand


  • Ewes range from 70 – 90kg and 72 – 78 cm in height.
  • Rams can range from 80 – 130kg with a height of 75 -83cm and do not seem to be aggressive.
  • They are a naturally docile, friendly, inquisitive and extremely cute breed of sheep making them the perfect pet.
  • Their characteristic appearance involves black parts of the nose, eyes, ears, front knees, ankles, hocks and feet in an otherwise white coat.
  • The fleece which grows around 30cm annually has a white and fluffy look adding to the “cuddly toy” appeal.
  • Can be trained to eat sheep nuts out of your hand with a little perseverance.

General Crosses

  • First crosses using foundation ewes and a purebred ram are referred to as the F1 (generation 1) 50% valais blacknose sheep (VBN).
  • Second crosses are the F2 (generation 2) 75% VBN
  • Third crosses F3 (generation 3) 87.5% VBN
  • Fourth crosses F4 (generation 4) 93.75% VBN
  • Fifth cross (after 5 consecutive breeding seasons of the programme) are F5 (generation 5) 96.88% VBN.
General Crosses
Valais Sheep